YOU WILL SOON BE ABLE TO READ ALL ISSUE ON THE DARK PRINTS PRESS WEBSITE. Eclecticism is a quarterly Australian-run e-zine determined to present the work of a growing worldwide creative community. It contains short stories, poetry, and artwork, and is free to download and read.



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This page is unfortunately closed.

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It is with deep regret that I announce the closure of Eclecticism E-zine.

Many factors have come into play to lead to this decision. In retrospect, reading through my past few editorials and seeing the shift in the time between issues, this was something I subconsciously struggled to admit to - Eclecticism is my first publishing project, my pet creation, my baby, and with it has come 5 years of experience in digital creativity and editing, not to mention a slew of contacts I am forever grateful to have made. I have published the work of some of my favourite authors and artists - some very famous, some most have not heard of until (hopefully) now. We have continued to reach an extremely loyal fan base, and constantly gain new subscribers, even this week. Who would want to give this up so freely?

Eclecticism created its own silver lining, though. From these humble beginnings, an independent press has arisen - Dark Prints Press. This is where my energy needs to be now - there is only so much I can do while still keeping my sanity, and still seeing my young family. I can, however, keep smiling knowing I am focusing on producing quality print and digital works, finally paying people for their efforts, too. I take the wealth of experience gained from Eclecticism to this venture, and I hope you will continue the journey with me.

All 17 issues of Eclecticism will be archived on the National Library of Australia's Pandora Archive, and will also be transferred to their own dedicated page on the Dark Print Press website ( www.darkprintspress.com.au) to be read at your leisure. The Eclecticism website will be gradually taken down.

I am deeply sorry for this announcement, especially to those who were anxiously awaiting news of Issue 18. I hope you can understand and continue to support us at Dark Prints Press and its forthcoming imprint, Dark Prints Darklings.

All the best,


Eclecticism E-zine